First Steps to ELD Connect with Focus

Getting Started with ELD Connect with Focus

Are you new to the ELD Connect with Focus solution? Use the videos provided below to learn how to use the solution. Please watch videos in the order listed below.

Video 1: Exploring the HOS Admin Portal Interface

Video 1

This video provides a brief introduction to the HOS Admin Portal home screen. This video is 3 minutes long.

Video 2: Configuring Preferences and Drivers

Video 2

In this video, we’ll explore the HOS Admin Portal by adjusting and verifying several preferences and explore managing and adding drivers. This video is 4 minutes long.

Video 3: Manage Unidentified Driver Events

Video 3

An unidentified driver event occurs when a trip is recorded with no primary driver signed in. In this video, Kirk reviews how to manage unidentified driver events from an administrator and driver perspective. This video is 11 minutes long.

Video 4: Resolve Missing Odometer Conflicts

Video 4

In this video, Kirk walks you through resolving missing odometer conflicts. This video is 12 minutes long.

Video 5: Resolve Incorrect Vehicle ID Conflicts

Video 5

In this video, Kirk will guide you through resolving incorrect Vehicle ID conflicts using the HOS Admin Portal and the ELD tablet. This video is 7 minutes long.

Video 6: Resolve Missing Location Conflicts

Video 6

In this video, Kirk guides you through resolving missing location conflicts. This video is 7 minutes long.

Video 7: Resolve Decreasing Odometer Conflicts

Video 7

In this video, Kirk guides you through resolving decreasing odometer conflicts. This video is 3 minutes long.

Video 8: Resolving Conflicts

Video 8

Watch this video to explore several conflicts you and your drivers may encounter while using your HOS solution. This video is 21 minutes long.

Video 9: Reviewing Reports

Video 9

In this video, we explore four reports that you should review weekly to help maintain compliance with the Hours of Service rules. This video is 9 minutes long.