ELD Product Transition

Due to the evolution of the ELD product suite, we are providing ELD Focus customers an opportunity to transition to a product that’s definitively better at providing ELD as its core functionality, ELD Complete. This transition requires no change in hardware and no change in pricing.

All ELD Focus customers must transition to ELD Complete prior to March 31, 2023, but don’t worry, we got you. Account Representatives will be reaching out to all impacted customers.

Please review the following information regarding this transition.

Why ELD Complete?

Requiring no hardware changes, ELD Complete offers a solution that is significantly improved when it comes to key Hours of Service (HOS) functionality.

  • Log books are now clean, having removed all issues seen with ELD Focus (including odometers, vehicle IDs, and data diagnostic events)
  • Software response times are drastically improved, having removed most instances of lagged data or login issues

What is the Process for Migrating?

Account Creation & Import Spreadsheet

  1. Once ready to migrate, users should download the Import Template – ELD Complete and fill in all fields within all applicable tabs. Refer to the first tab for instructions and answers to commonly asked questions.
  2. After the import is completed, the user will see their new ELD Complete account created with all items imported/created within the account. If any errors are encountered with the import the support team will reach out to resolve them accordingly.

Tablet & Device Updates

  1. After the account has been created, tablets can be updated and the GPS devices can be switched to work on ELD Complete. To begin this process, users should ensure WiFi is enabled on the necessary tablets and that they are connected to power/charging.
  2. Users should submit the necessary tablet serial numbers to the Support team, at which time the support team will queue all tablet updates and notify once updates have begun.
  3. Users should check their tablets after ~30 minutes

    Tablet updates can take 30+ minutes depending on the speed of WiFi

    • If 60 minutes pass and updates have not been completed then it is recommended the user power-cycle the tablet and recheck in 30 minutes
    • If updates continue to fail then the user should contact Support.
  4. Tablets require a complete power-off after the updates are completed then power the tablet back on.
  5. Tap the home screen icon to navigate to the screen after the ELD Complete app launches automatically.
  6. Review the screen to ensure the apps are now visible (indicated below).
  7. Lastly, once a tablet is updated and ready to be installed in a vehicle, the user should contact the Support team, notifying them of the vehicle name/number that the tablet will be installed in so that they can update the corresponding GPS device installed, ensuring its configuration is aligned with the ELD Complete solution and fully functional.
  8. Test a driver login by selecting the truck from the list of trucks (must be created and active on the portal)

    This truck will remain the assigned truck unless someone changes it in the truck.

  9. Enter Odometer from the dash twice, then tap Save.
  10. Start the truck and confirm Diagnostics data is displaying correctly.

    If it is not displaying correctly, contact Support by telephone ASAP.

  11. If Diagnostics are displaying correctly, scroll to down to tap Continue.
  12. From here, you can have the driver tap the menu in the top left and scroll down to logout.

How Do You Train Your Fleet?

  • ATS Fleet Management ELD Driver Training will be held every Tuesday at 1PM Eastern Time.
  • ATS Fleet Management ELD Web Portal/Admin Training will be held every Thursday at 1PM Eastern Time.
  • https://meet.goto.com/support28920
    You can also dial in using your phone.
    United States: +1 (786) 535-3211
    Access Code: 485-489-3211

  • Strategic Training: Can be scheduled as needed, please coordinate with your Account Representative.
  • Additional Resources: Support and training documentation can be found here: ELD Complete Resources