ELD Mobile with Flex – Driver Reference Guide

ELD Mobile with Flex is a smartphone-based app (iOS and Android compatible) that is fully FMCSA-certified and provides both Hours of Service (HOS) and DVIR support in addition to data for IFTA reporting.

The following guide is a brief overview of the features provided in the GPS Insight ELD Mobile app. For the full user guide, see GPS Insight ELD Mobile – User Guide.


Main Screen

The main screen is where you log your duty status events and which, in turn, determines your compliance with FMCSA Hours of Service Regulations. This screen also serves as your gateway to the rest of the app’s features.

Familiarize yourself with all of the main screen titles by reviewing the ‘Familiarizing the ELD Main Screen Titles’ section of the User Guide.

Settings and Preferences

The app’s settings and preferences can be customized in the Hours of Service Preferences screen.

Driver Availability

Before setting your driver status, first, check that you have availability. The Gain Time screen will display the date and time of when you will gain maximum hours.

Driver Logs

The Driver Logs allows you to view and update the electronic recording of your duty status events in the HOS app’s online driver logs. This is where you also store shipment data, send the certified logs to its intended recipients and manage other driving duty information.

Roadside Inspection

The Roadside Inspection feature provides the ability to view the your daily logs for the past week. It includes information on the vehicle used, shipments and driving status. It also can send all the logs that have already been certified to an intended recipient.

There are several ways to access this feature. See the Roadside Inspection section of the User Guide.

Switch Equipment

The Switch Equipment feature allows you to easily ‘switch’ from one vehicle to another. It also assists in monitoring and documenting the vehicles being used in your driver logs.

There are several ways to access this feature. See the Switch Equipment section of the User Guide.


The Documents feature provides an easy way to capture, view and email documents related to hours of service activities. This includes documentation such as the bill of lading, fuel receipts, accident photos, etc. You can also add, edit and delete documents within the app.

There are several ways to access this feature. See the Documents section of the User Guide.

Fuel Receipts

The Fuel Receipt’s feature provides an easy way to capture and view fuel receipts purchased related to hours of service activities.


Co-driving allows multiple drivers to sign into the ELD Mobile app. Personnel accounts cannot be Co-Drivers. Only authenticated users with a Driver role are allowed to log-in as a Co-Driver.

Shipping Documents

The Shipping Documents features allows you to send the Bill of Lading and/or Manifest Number to the Shipper of Commodity, straight from the app. For more details see Shipping Documents.

Adding Remarks

The Remark feature allows you to add notes and comments to your logs. Simply click the Remark button on the main screen and enter the remark information.

Cargo Inspected (Canada Only)

In Canada, drivers need to ensure that cargo is transported safely and secured under National Safety Code standards.

The app will prompt the ‘Cargo Check’ dialog to remind the driver of the vehicle to regularly re-inspect the vehicle’s cargo based on whichever of the following occurs:

  1. There is a change of duty status
  2. The vehicle has been driven for 3 hours
  3. The vehicle has been driven for 240 kilometers.

Exempt Driver

If you are an Exempt Driver or a driver that operates under the short-haul exemption (395.1 (e)), upon logging in or logging out, a dialog will display confirming whether the driver chooses to continue as an exempt driver.

For more information, see the Exempt Driver section of the User Guide.

Unidentified Driver Events

Unidentified Driving Events are events that are automatically recorded when a vehicle has been moving for more than 3 minutes while there is no driver logged in. These events are recorded under an “Unidentified Driver” account.

Unidentified Driving Events can be accepted by actual drivers upon logging in to the app (within the Pending Request(s) window). However, the app prevents Unidentified Driving for vehicles in AOBRD mode.

Logging Out

Once you log out, the HOS app will close completely, with no GPS Insight service or VBUS service running in the background.

Warnings and Errors

For full details on app warnings and errors, see ‘Warning Features’ and ‘List of Login Errors’ in the User Guide.

For help on any issues or additional information, contact the ELD Mobile Support Team at 888-221-5031, or eld@hos-compliance.com.