Exploring the Driver Overview Screen

Getting to know the Driver Overview Screen

The eFleetSuite Driver Overview screen appears upon successful sign in to ELD Connect with Focus. This is the Home screen of the application. We highly recommend using the table provided below to fully understand the features of this screen because you will see this screen for the majority of the time you are using the tablet.

Feature Description
1 – Status Bar Displays system time, notification that trailer/shipment information has not been entered, and the status/connectivity information to GPS location data, host software, and GPS hardware.

See Exploring the Welcome Screen for additional information.
2 – Driving Time Details Displays your time remaining under each applicable Hours of Service rule.

By default, this section displays your current status and Gain Time. Tap the down arrow () to expand this section and view your time remaining under each applicable Hours of Service rule.
3 – Available Drive Time Gauge Displays your available drive time in hours and minutes (hh:mm).
4 – Task Bar Displays buttons used to perform tasks such as change status, review/request logs, add driver, add/drop shipment, add/drop trailer, certify logs, view/add DVIR.

See table below for additional information.
5 – Rest Break Record off duty activity during the work shift without having to sign out and sign back in to the device.

Navigating the Task Bar

Unsure of what tasks you can perform from the Task Bar? The following table includes a list of task buttons and corresponding descriptions.

Task Description
Tap to choose the option that best describes your current activity:
– ON Driver
– ON Not Driver
– SB (Sleeper Berth)
– OFF Sign out
– OFF PC (Personal Conveyance)
– ON YM (Yard Moves)

See During Your Shift for additional information regarding status options.
Tap to expand the Options Menu, which includes the following options:
– Edit Vehicle ID
– Review Logs
– Request Logs
– Pre Shift
– Post Shift
– Take Exception
– Diagnostics
– Roadside Inspection

The Options button may display an orange or red flag. An orange flag indicates there are logs that require your attention. A red flag specifically indicates there is missing data that you must update. You are legally required to manage any items in orange or red.
+ Driver
Tap to allow a co-driver to sign in.
Tap to add or drop a shipment.
Tap to add or drop a trailer.
Tap to view the graph grid of duty statuses for today's date, access log history/details, and/or certify logs.
Tap to view the most recent driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) for any resource (vehicles, trailers, etc.) in the vehicle combination and/or start a new DVIR.