Driver Usage Quick Guide

The following steps walk you through the process of completing driver usage on your ELD tablet when operating a Motorcoach or transporting property.

Driver Usage

  1. Start the vehicle to power on the ELD tablet (automatic).
  2. Enter your Driver ID and Password in the log in fields, and tap Sign In.
  3. From the home screen, select Status in the bottom left corner.
  4. Tap On Driver.
  5. Enter Shipment information:
    1. This is for Form and Matter Compliance
    2. Request DVIR
  6. Perform DVIR (Pre-Trip Inspection):
    1. Begin your pre-trip vehicle inspection after your tablet is on the screen below.
    2. If you complete your Pre-Trip before signing in, your inspection time will not be accurate, which can cause an issue with Roadside inspection.
    3. After you complete your inspection, tap Next and complete the inspection actions.
  7. Certify the Previous Days Logs (also certify any previous logs that have not been certified yet)
    1. Before driving for the day, tap Options
    2. The orange flag in the corner indicates there are logs to certify or edits to accept.
    3. Select Review Logs.
    4. Log Edits:
      • If their are any log edits, tap on the edited event, then Accept in the bottom right corner to add it to your log for that day.
      • The blue box shows the status as Inactive and the reason the edit was made, who made the edit, and the time of the edit.
      • Once you accept the edit as true, or Reject the edit as an incorrect edit, tap Done in the left hand corner and proceed to the Certification Process.
  8. Log Certification:
    1. Once you complete all log edits, tap Certify and enter your password.

    2. Once all log certifications are complete, you will be sent back to the Driver Welcome Screen with your Available Drive Time.
    3. The Options button will no longer have an orange flag in the corner.
  9. Drive:
    1. ELD Connect with Focus automatically changes your status from On-Duty to Driving after your vehicle travels over 5mph.
    2. If the vehicle is stopped for 5 minutes, the device automatically changes your status to On-Duty Not-Driving, and adds those 5 minutes back to the Available Drive time for the day. These additional 5 minutes will not show in your current Available Drive Time clock.
  10. Take 30 Minute Rest Break
    1. Tap Rest Break in the top right corner of the screen, and follow prompts to take a rest break.
    2. Be sure to take a full 30 minute break. Use the clock on the tablet and the Gain Time At reading to confirm your time.
  11. End Rest Break:
    1. Once your break is done, tap Stop Rest Break in the top right corner of the screen.
    2. Tap On Driver.
  12. Drive for the remainder of your day or specified time.
  13. Ending the Day: Sign Off
    1. Tap on Status in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    2. Tap on Off Sign Out
    3. If you did not certify the logs at the beginning of the day, you will be asked to do so before you sign off.
      • Tap Yes to view and certify logs.
  14. Perform DVIR (Post Trip Inspection)
    1. Follow the prompts to Request a DVIR.
    2. Begin your Post-Trip Inspection (DVIR) once the screen below appears.
    3. Once your DVIR is complete, tap on either Add Defects or No Defects to complete the DVIR.
    4. Once complete, tap Finish.