Exploring the HOS Admin Portal Interface

The HOS Admin Portal interface allows you to quickly and easily manage your HOS fleet.

Accessing the HOS Admin Portal

You can access the HOS Admin interface from the GPS Portal’s HOS Integration section under the More tab.

The HOS Admin Portal interface is only available to the Admin of the GPS portal account. If you experience any issues with accessing your HOS account, please contact your Account Manager for further assistance.

Accessing the HOS Admin Portal for Pro and Enterprise Customers

To access the HOS Admin Portal (Pro and Enterprise customers):

  1. From the GPS Portal account, hover your mouse over the More tab, and click Hours of Service under HOS Integration.
  2. The Hours of Service menu appears.

  3. Select the applicable HOS Organization in the drop-down window, and click Open.
  4. The HOS Admin Portal opens in a separate browser tab.

Accessing the HOS Admin Portal for Standard Customers

To access the HOS Admin Portal (Standard customers):

  1. From the GPS Portal account, click More.
  2. The More menu appears.

  3. Click Hours of Service.
  4. The HOS Admin Portal opens in a separate browser tab.

HOS Admin Portal Home Screen Features

The HOS Admin Home screen includes the following features:

Feature Description
Help Provides a comprehensive Help resource for all configuration options, settings, reports, and terminology used in the HOS Portal.
Sign Out Allows you to sign out of the HOS Portal.
Group Filter Filter which drivers' records are displayed at any given time – the selected filter is applied on your next page refresh.

Home Terminal: Home terminals (locations) enabled for your account.

Driver Groups: Custom driver groups only visible by the user who created it.
Home Takes you back to the Home screen.
HOS Contains various reports required to demonstrate HOS compliance.
DVIR Contains management tools and reports related to vehicles, trailers, and other company assets related to HOS.
Setup Allows you to enter initial setup information related to drivers, assets, and locations.
Admin Allows you to configure Portal options for your account.
Settings Allows you to configure your user preferences, such as time zone.
Summary Provides a total current count of provisioned devices, conflicts, unidentified driver events, and uncertified log events. These items are only visible if you have the View Only, or View/Modify access enabled:

Provisioned Devices: Displays the total number of devices for this organization with a status of Provisioned.

Conflicts: Displays the number of log events in the last 15 days with at least one unresolved conflict. Conflicts must be resolved before drivers can download their records of duty status (driver logs) to a mobile logging device.

Unidentified Driver: Displays the number of unassigned driving statuses in the last 15 days that were recorded but not added to a driver's log. This feature also requires Show Unidentified Driver count to be configured for your organization. Only those Unidentified Driving statuses with a duration greater than or equal to the organizations' Default Reporting Threshold are counted.

Uncertified Logs: Displays the number of uncertified driver logs in the last 30 days.