ELD Reprovisioning Guide

Provisioning a device running eFleetSuite software will register that device with the host (server), allowing logs to be transmitted and viewed through the eFleetSuite website. At times it may be necessary for a device to be re-provisioned, effectively resetting eFleetSuite and setting up a new connection to the host.

Common reasons for this include the device being moved to a different vehicle or being transferred from one company to another. Reprovisioning is also a troubleshooting step that can be performed when experiencing issues with a device.

Do not, under any circumstances, reprovision a device that has not been able to transfer all locally-stored driver log data to the host. Reprovisioning completely erases all eFleetSuite data from the device and will result in the loss of any data that has not been transmitted.

Reprovisioning an ELD Tablet

If the device being reprovisioned is remaining in the same organization, first have the carrier unprovision the device from the Devices list on the host. See ELD Unprovisioning Guide for more information. Complete the following steps to reprovision the tablet.

    1. Power up the device, if not already powered up. The initial driver sign-in screen will appear as in Figure #1.
    2. Tap on the version number in the upper left corner. This presents the user with the System Check screen.
    3. Long-press on the words “Provisioning Information” until the Password field appears.
    4. Use the keyboard that appears to type in the reprovision password “3ras3r” and tap on the enter or done button on the keyboard, or the Reprovision button below the password field.
    5. eFleetSuite will then restart and present the user with the provisioning screen.
    6. The vehicle ID is set by the carrier. Enter the organization ID, provision key, host, and port as instructed by the carrier or provider.

Newer versions of eFleetSuite do not require the entry of a port.

  1. Once all the fields have been populated, tap enter or done on the keyboard and the device will provision and bring up the driver sign-in screen.

Contact the carrier or provider for assistance if needed.

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