Managing Co-Driver(s)

The Co-Driver feature is used when multiple drivers are assigned the same vehicle for the day, and will automatically record the information and events required to maintain compliance during this type of trip.

To get started:

  1. Navigate to Options and look for the “Manage Co-Driver” button.
  2. This menu will be your hub for logging on, viewing, and logging out Co-Drivers, and allows you to change who the current driver is.
  3. The “Logon Co-Driver” button will bring you to the Authentication screen, where the Co-Driver will be prompted to enter their username and password.
  4. Once they are authenticated and synced, they will appear in the list of Co-Drivers that you can see in the image.
  5. The logout icon that you can see will simply log the Co-Driver out of the application.
  6. The “View” button prompts the Co-Driver to enter a password and allows them to access the application dashboard, from which they can set their status, edit their logs, etc.
  7. When viewing a Co-Driver, a banner appears at the top of the application to remind the user that they are viewing a Co-Driver’s data. It also provides easy access to the “Manage Co-Driver” dialog.
  8. The “Make Driver” button prompts the driver to enter their password and will cause all new Drive time to be assigned to their logs. This is the option that should be used when the drivers are switching.
  9. When more than one driver is logged into the application, the “Time Remaining” dialog also changes, to allow you to view the HOS time remaining for each Co-Driver, and to see their current status.
    To look at each driver, you can simply navigate using the arrow buttons on the left and right.