ELD Flex – Driver Reference Guide

ELD Flex is an Hours of Services solution that is fully FMCSA-certified and provides both Hours of Service (HOS) and DVIR support in addition to data for IFTA reporting.

The following guide is a brief overview of the features provided in the GPS Insight ELD Mobile app.

For the quick reference guide, see ELD Flex Quick Reference Guide. For the full guide, see ELD Flex – User Guide.

Main Screen

The main screen is where you log your duty status events and which, in turn, determines your compliance with FMCSA Hours of Service Regulations. This screen also serves as your gateway to the rest of the app’s features, including:

  • On/Off Duty
  • Driver Details
  • Time Remaining
  • DVIR
  • Start/Stop Break
  • Data Transfer
  • Remark(s)
  • Options
  • Logs
  • Roadside Inspection

Driver Details

The main screen provides essential information about the user, including:

  • On/Off Duty: Displays whether the driver is on or off duty.
  • Driver Name: Displays the name of the driver who is logged in and whose logs are displayed.
  • Vehicle Name: Displays the driver’s vehicle name.
  • Trailer Name: Displays the driver’s trailer name.

Click on the Vehicle or Trailer name to switch vehicles.

Time Remaining

The Time Remaining tile displays your On/Off duty driving time status, including:

  • Grey: Indicates that the driver is Off Duty, Sleep or Waiting at Well Site
  • Green: Indicates that the driver’s status is Driving or On Duty
  • Orange: Indicates that the driver’s status is Driving or On Duty and has less than 3 hours left
  • Red: Indicates that the driver’s status is Driving or On Duty and is out of time or in violation.

Tap the Time Remaining tile to view specific times, including Drive, Shift, Cycle, and Break.

The clocks are color-coordinated with their status.


The DVIR screen displays all DVIR details, including dates, times, vehicles, etc. DVIR History can be viewed by tapping the DVIR History button.

  • When switching vehicles, the equipment will be displayed along with their associated forms. Changing the forms used will display a dialog stating “Are you sure you want to use a different form?” with a ‘Cancel’ or ‘Ok’ button.
  • The Inspect button is disabled when no DVIR form is associated with the current equipment used.

Start/Stop Break

The Start/Stop Break tile enables and disables the driver’s break time. Once you tap the Start Break button, a popup dialog will appear with the following options:

  • Break Type: Select the lengths of your breaktime from the dropdown list.
  • Set Alarm: (Enabled by default) Toggle button to disable or enable. If enabled, an audio alarm is played when break is over. If disabled, no audio alarm will play when break is over.

Tapping the Start Break tile:

  • Status changes to OffDuty/Sleeper (depending on the break type selected)
  • The ‘Start Break’ tile changes to ‘End Break.’
  • The Time Remaining tile changes to ‘On Break.’

Tapping the End Break tile:

  • Status changes to ‘Driving’ if the vehicle is moving.
  • Status can be set manually if the vehicle is not moving.

Data Transfer

The Data Transfer screen displays a list of supported data transfer options. ELD Connect with Flex provides a standardized single-step compilation of the driver’s ELD records. When requested during a roadside inspection, the transfer is sent to authorized safety officials.

Once you tap the Data Transfer tile, a selection of the supported data transfer options by the ELD will prompt to the user. The available data transfer options are Bluetooth, Email and Web Service.


The Remark feature allows you to add notes and comments to your logs. Simply click the Remark tile on the main screen and enter the remark information.


The Options tile will display multiple Options modules, including:

  • Switch Equipment: Tap the Switch Equipment tile to change vehicles, trailers, etc.
  • Shipping Docs: Tap the Shipping Docs tile to send documents to Shipper/Commodity.
  • Remark: Tap the Remark tile to add comments.
  • Logon Co-Driver: Tap the Logon Co-Driver tile to add a co-driver to your driver role.
  • Switch Co-Driver: Tap the Switch Co-Driver tile to choose a different driver.
  • Gain Time: Displays the date and time of your maximum hours.
  • Exception: Displays your specific driver expections that adhear to HOS rules.
  • Data Transfer: Displays a list of supported data transfer options.
  • Document: Provides an easy way to capture, view and email documents related to hours of service activities.
  • Return to HOS Screen: Sends tou back to the Main Screen.


The Logs screen displays the current day’s log and provide the ability to navigate back to view the previous seven logs. Scroll through the Log screen to view all log information or tap the log grid to view specific log events.

Roadside Inspection

The Roadside Inspection screen provides the ability to view the driver daily logs for the past week. It includes information on the vehicle used, shipments and driving statuses. It also has the ability to send all the logs that have already been certified to an intended recipient.