Driver Logs – Tracing Edit Patterns

Obtaining an overview of your drivers’ log edit habits is a critical part of ensuring your organization is running safely and in a compliant fashion. If a driver seems to be running into violations that disappear, or at first seem incorrect, you should first review their edit histories using this information. The system may be catching on to foul play.

Tracing Edit Patterns

Using the Log Edits pane under the Hours of Service tab of your administrative portal will allow you to quickly obtain a summary of edits performed by your drivers.

  • The (+) and (–) indicators on the far left allow you to view the previous state of edited statuses, which will appear in dark grey. If there are a number of these, it is a good indicator that the driver is having a lot of trouble with their device or modifying their logs to avoid violations. Both cases are worth looking into to avoid liability.
  • The printer icon allows you to export these findings to a PDF or CSV file for later review.

Edit Logs Report

Another great resource to use is the Edit Logs report, found in the Reports pane of the Hours of Service tab:

Once opened, you may search by several criteria. It can be valuable to expand the search to the last 30 days and run it once monthly to review your driver’s edit practices.

The report will create subsections for each driver, who will be addressed as FIRST LAST (ALIAS). One driver creating many edits can be something to watch out for – they may result in violations appearing & disappearing from driver logs if the driver is using them for noncompliant purposes.

This report shows all times in your machine’s local time zone. Please be mindful of this when cross-referencing logs.