Configuring a Driver using ELD Flex

Follow the steps below to properly configure a driver with ELD Flex.

  1. 1. Login

    For Standard customers:

    1. Log into the GPS Insight map.
    2. Click on More, then Hours of Service from the options menu.

    For Pro and Enterprise customers:

    1. Log into the GPS Insight portal.
      You will be directed to the Homepage.
    2. Click on the Classic Portal icon from the left navigation menu.
    3. From the Classic Portal, click More in the top menu.
    4. Click on Hours of Service from the HOS Integration menu.
    5. Select your company name from the HOS Organization dropdown menu, then click Open.

      A new tab will open in your browser.

  2. 2. ELD Flex Account Preferences

    1. The ELD Flex portal will open in a new tab in your browser.
    2. Sign in to ELD Flex with your credintials.
    3. Once you are logged into the portal, click on Settings then click on the Account Settings tab.
    4. Scroll down to the Portal Controls section and ensure all boxes are checked.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Click on VBUS Devices.
      • If you are using the ELD-2000 series, ensure the CalAmp V-Series box is checked.
      • If you are using your own device (cell phone, etc.), ensure the GPSI-5000 box is checked.
      • Unless you have both, you only need one of these checked.

    7. Click on the Carrier Information tab in the Settings menu.
    8. Click on the Edit Carrier icon under Action.
    9. Ensure all of your carrier information is correct and updated.
    10. If you would like to create a new role to give users admin access:
      • Click on the User Roles tab, then click on the plus button () in the top right corner.
      • Click on the appropriate user role(s) to grant admin access.
    11. Click on the Terminals tab in the Settings menu.
    12. Click on the Edit Terminal icon under Action.
    13. Ensure all of your terminal information is correct and updated.
    14. Important: Please make sure the Time Zone is correct, as all logs have to be recorded on the drivers time zone.

  3. 3. Equipment Setup

    Follow the steps to set up equipment in ELD Flex.

    1. Click on Equipment within the Settings Tab.
    2. Click the plus button () in the top right corner to create equipment.
    3. Only enter information in the following fields:
      • Name: Enter the Vehicle Label in the Name field.
      • VIN: Enter a valid VIN number in the VIN field.
      • Odometer Offset: Leave blank or change if needed.
      • DVIR Form: If needed, select a form from the dropdown menu.
      • GPS Receiver: Select “Either Device” from the dropdown menu.
      • Device: Select the device type from the dropdown menu. The choices are CalAmp V Series, or GPSI-5000.
      • Do NOT fill in any other device information.

    4. Click Save.

  4. 4. Driver Setup

    Follow the steps to setup and configure drivers.

    1. Click on Drivers within the Settings tab.
    2. Click on the plus button () to create a driver.
    3. Enter the Driver ID in the Driver ID field.

      The Driver ID must match the driver’s GPS Insight Portal RefID.

    4. Enter the driver name in the appropriate name fields.
    5. Enter the driver’s drivers license number in the CDL Number field.
    6. Ensure the CDL Issuing State, Terminal, Subset, Start Time of Day, Region, and Carrier fields are updated correctly.
    7. Ensure the Email, Password, and Confirmed Password fields are updated with the driver’s login information.

      You do not need a valid email address, but the email will be the drivers username when logging in.

    8. Product Enablement: If you would like to grant product access to the driver, ensure the RODS/HOS and DVIR boxes are checked under Enabled Products.
    9. If allowed by your company, ensure the Personal Conveyance and Yard Moves boxes are checked.
    10. Equipment Management: If you would like to grant vehicle and trailer equipment access to the driver, ensure each box is checked under Manage Equipment.
    11. Cycle Information: Navigate to the Other tab, and ensure the Cycle Data is aligned with the drivers region.
    12. If the driver is ELD Exempted, check the Exempt box, and notate why they qualify for exemption. E.g., Mechanic or Yard Move only personnel – to help avoid Unidentified Driver Events.
    13. Once complete, click Save.