Available ELD Flex Reports

The below reports are available within the ELD Flex Portal (ELD Connect with Flex and ELD Mobile) via the Reports tabs. All the below reports, unless noted otherwise, can be exported in PDF, CSV, or Excel format.

Hours of Service Reports Tab

Report Name Description
Certified Logs Displays the driver’s certified log PDFs for a given set of days (up to 14 days). Available modes include:

– All Logs: Shows every day selected in date range
– Certified Logs: Restricts view to days that have been certified
– Uncertified Logs: Restricts view to uncertified days
– Certified Log Summary: Shows whether or not each day in the specified date range has been certified for every selected driver.

Currently, each PDF must be downloaded separately.

Documents Provides a report of submitted documentation. Each item generates a PDF containing relevant information packaged with a picture of the associated document. Documents can be bundled via the ‘Bulk Export’ in the bottom right-hand corner. Submitted documentation includes:

– Bills of Lading
– Accident Photos
– Citations
– Scale Tickets
– Fuel Receipts
Driver and Vehicle Information Shows a list of drivers and vehicles summarized by creation date. Newly created drivers or vehicles are highlighted in green.
Driver Logs Provides driver's summary of their logs for the date range. Date range can be up to a month. Use the blue arrow buttons after selecting a driver to add or remove them individually or use the checkmark to add all drivers or the X mark to remove all drivers. Report can be configured to contain either:

– current logs
– only edited logs
– edited logs with originals (most similar to data transfer)

This report is differentiated from the Certified Log Report because it does not require logs to be certified and it contains more useful information than the certified log format allows such as odometer, engine hours, and GPS position information.

Driver's Timecard Generates a timecard using first On-Duty status and last Off-Duty status in a day. Also includes driving time, sleeper berth, and waiting at site.

Editing statuses will change provided times, use this report with caution.

Driver App Version Provides list of driver's latest mobile application version usage in order from oldest to newest versions.
Driving on Open Defect Shows a list of instances where a vehicle with open DVIR defects was driven and contains the DVIR ID containing the defect and start of driving time.
Driving Without DVIR Shows a list of instances where a vehicle was driven without a pre-trip DVIR performed.
Edit Logs Provides a summary of edited driver logs wherein edited fields are highlighted and includes requested edits from portal administrators (/ICR events) and edit reasons, which are configurable from the Account Settings tab.
Hours and Miles Shows a Summary of hours worked and distance driven in miles per driver.

Similar to the Hours Worked report, but contains odometer information.

Hours Work Contains the number of On-Duty hours in a driver’s day.
Invalid Data Shows a list of invalid data in current account; this should always be empty. This report is primarily only of use in system troubleshooting; this report does not typically need to be run.
Odometer Jump Shows ELD disconnects with odometer changes. If mileage is unaccounted for and a corresponding diagnostic or malfunction is written, it will be shown here. Missing mileage must be assigned, so use this report to identify the volume of this mileage.

This report is good to check any time a driver runs into a Power or Engine Sync malfunction.

Raw Punch Provides a summary of each driver’s On-Duty to Off-Duty status changes. Listed per driver, then per day.
Rejected Edits Lists admin personnel edits and current record statuses that have been requested, but not yet accepted by a driver. Also contains edits that are rejected by a driver. One or all drivers can be selected.
Special Moves Shows a summary of the special moves (Yard Moves or Personal Conveyance) performed by one driver or all drivers. The Export button will send all selected items to a summary that is identical to the Driver Logs Report but only containing special moves.
Usage List of used and unused drivers or vehicles in a given month. Unused items are highlighted in red.
VBUS Disconnection SHows vehicle disconnects with odometer changes. This report is similar to the Odometer Jump report but does not require malfunctions or diagnostics.
Daily Vehicle Usage List of driver(s) who used a certain vehicle. Useful in case two drivers accidentally select one vehicle.

This report cannot be exported.

State Mileage Reports Tab

These reports are for approximation and auditing purposes. We are not an IFTA solution.

Report Name Description
Fuel & Mileage Provides a summary of fuel purchases, tax rate, and mileage at those rates. Attempts to summarize total cost of tax.
Mileage by State Provides a summary of total mileage by state for all equipment. Contains beginning and end odometer.

Driving with negative odometer, which is typically caused by inappropriately setting an Odometer Offset on an asset’s equipment page, will be ignored.

State Mileage Audit Provides a summary of state mileage driving events by vehicle, summarizing each event that affects odometer.

This report does not separate driving by state.

Fuel Summary Provides a summary of Fuel Receipts and respective cost. This report uses fuel receipts (viewable from the Documents Report in the Hours of Service Reports Tab) collected from drivers who have entered their receipts from the application.
Driver and Vehicle Segment Driver and vehicle odometer change report that more clearly indicates the state they were in. Otherwise similar to the State Mileage Audit.

DVIR Reports Tab

Report Name Description
DVIR Compilation of individual DVIRs with an indication of the type of DVIR. PDFs for each can be downloaded.

This report cannot be exported.

DVIR Defect List of DVIR inspections reported having defects.

This report can be exported to a summary.