Using Your ELD Tablet

Using the ELD tablet

The tablet has several physical buttons that allow you to operate the tablet. We have provided descriptions for the most commonly used buttons below.

Number Button Description
1 Power Press this button to wake the tablet. Press and hold this button to power off or reboot the tablet.
2 + Press this button to increase the volume on the tablet.
3 - Press this button to decrease the volume on the tablet.
4 Home Press this button to return to the tablet Home Screen from any application.
5 Multitask Press this button to quickly switch between open application windows.
6 Return Press this button to return to the previous screen within the active application window.

Using ELD Tablet Applications

The tablet can run multiple applications. We have provided descriptions for the applications available on the tablet in the table below. To view and/or open applications, tap on the Home button (see table above) and tap on the application icon of the application you would like to use or open. You may need to scroll up to see all available tablet applications.

Drivers should only need to use the eFleetSuite, Messaging, and Driver Guide applications on the tablet, all other applications are available for the HOS Administrator to use, if required, or are applications to be run in the background of the eFleetSuite application.

Icon images for some applications (e.g., Messaging and Updater Apps) may appear different than what is shown above/below. The Driver Guide App is not available for AOBRD devices.

App Icon App Description
Settings Use this app to adjust settings on the tablet.
Vehicle Data Service (VDS) This app provides raw diagnostic data about the communication between the tablet and the tracking device.
Not typically used, unless under the direction of an HOS Support Team member.
eFleetSuite Use this app to sign in to the tablet, record HOS events, view available driving time, review previous logs and DVIR information, and more.
Magellan SmartGPS This app provides navigation/mapping integration from the GPS Portal to the ELD tablet.
Background app, not typically used actively.
Updater Use this app to keep HOS applications up-to-date.
Messaging Use this app to send messages and view incoming messages and dispatches from the dispatcher.
Driver Guide Use this app to open a comprehensive resource on using the tablet and its features.