Ending Your Shift

The following steps walk you through the process of signing out and performing a post-trip inspection.

  1. From the Driver Overview screen, tap Status.

  1. Tap Sign Out to set your duty status to OFF.

The OFF status invokes the Post-Trip workflow (steps 3-4). The system presents a list of required inspections to complete: Vehicle and trailer (if applicable).

  1. With the Vehicle selected, tap either No Defects or Add Defects.

If defects exist, add defect(s) by choosing from the available parts where the defect applies and adding a defect description. Tap Done when finished adding defects. If you forget or were unable to add a defect after you complete the post-trip workflow, contact someone at your office to add the information on your behalf.

  1. If a trailer is attached to your vehicle, continue the inspection process for the trailer. When finished with inspections, review your entries, and tap Finish to complete the sign out process.

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