About Alerts

Click the Alerts menu item to open the Alerts tab. All alert types that are available are listed on this tab. If you want to see alerts that you’ve already configured, click the My Alerts tab.

Alert Type Description
DTC Alert on Diagnostic Trouble Codes for supported devices*.

Example: The axle for 54 MIKE is below normal operational range according to J1365005BA. Alert the fleet manager to schedule immediate maintenance, and optionally notify the driver to go to the maintenance lot after his last delivery today.
Diagnostic Alert Alert when a specific threshold is passed (either greater or lower). Specify a Diagnostic Type: Temperature, Coolant Temperature or Engine Speed. The system does not check for alert conditions when the ignition is turned off. Temperatures reported are those provided by the sensor at the time of the update.

Example: Company XYZ transports cargo that must be stored in temperatures below 80 degrees. Alert the Fleet Manager and optionally the driver if the trailer temperature reaches a temperature above the threshold.
Inputs Alert when an input changes status. (Inputs are configured at the time of installation.)

Example: Company XYZ equips its vehicles with sirens/lights to be used in the event of an emergency. For oversight purposes, alert the fleet manager, whenever the siren/light is activated.
DVIR Alert when a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report is received with defects. (Requires HOS enabled on your account.)

Example: Bill just noted that his driver-side mirror was missing (high priority) on his DVIR and submitted the report. Alert Bill's immediate supervisor indicating that a DVIR was submitted by Bill, the defects included, and the time/date of the defect.
Idle Time Alert when a vehicle idles more than the specified limit.

Example: Company XYZ's policy for consecutive idle time is no more than 15 minutes. 51 LINDA has just exceeded the threshold. Alert the fleet manager, and optionally send the driver a reminder to turn off the vehicle.
Hours of Service Alert before daily hours of service limit is reached. (Only available to accounts with Hours of Service.)

Example: Joe Marks is within 30 minutes of reaching his daily hours of service limit. Alert the fleet manager and the driver to avoid a violation.
Ignition Alert when a vehicle turns on or off.

Example: Company XYZ is following vehicle ABC's activity. Alert the fleet manager when vehicle ABC ignition status changes.
Landmark Alert when a vehicle enters or exits a landmark.

Example: Company XYZ's fleet policy prohibits drivers from making stops to their personal home addresses (uploaded as landmarks) during their shifts. 52 JEFF just entered one of those landmarks during regular business hours. Alert the fleet manager that the vehicle may be subject to unauthorized use, and optionally send the driver a reminder to return to work.
Odd-Hours Alert on movement within an odd-hours violation window.

Example: Drivers at Company XYZ are not allowed to use company vehicles on weekends or between the hours of 9:00 PM and 4:00 AM. It's Saturday, and 54 MIKE just reported movement outside the perimeters of the company parking lot. Alert the fleet manager that the vehicle may be subject to unauthorized use, and optionally remind the driver to return the vehicle.
Out-of-Range Alert on vehicles that have not reported for a time.

Example: 53 STACY has been running for 60 minutes without reporting data. 50 BRAD has been parked for 2 days without reporting data. The vehicles could have been subject to tampering or are in locations that are obstructing signal. Alert the fleet manager, and optionally remind the driver to check for physical obstructions within the cab itself.
Posted Speed Alert on vehicles violating posted speed limits. Posted speeds are based on available speed limit information. This data does not include temporary speed reductions such as construction or school zones. Posted speed violations are calculated using the Inst speed value.

Example: Company XYZ's policy for speeding violation limit is 10 miles over posted speed. 51 LINDA has just exceeded the threshold (89 MPH in a posted 75 MPH zone). Alert the fleet manager, and optionally remind the driver to slow down**.
Service Reminders Alert when scheduled service is close or overdue.

Example: 53 STACY has a service schedule defined for oil changes every 3,000 miles. The truck's odometer just reached a threshold of 500 miles before service is due. Alert the fleet manager, and optionally remind the driver to schedule maintenance.
Speeding Alert when a vehicle violates a specified speed limit.

Example: Company XYZ's policy for speed is 75 MPH (regardless of zone). 54 MIKE just reported a speed of 80 MPH. Alert the fleet manager, and optionally remind the driver to slow down*.
Stop/Idle Alert on a stop or idle longer than a specific duration.

Company XYZ's delivery stops are targeted to take between 15-20 minutes. 51 LINDA recently made a stop, and the ignition has now been off for 60 minutes. Alert the fleet manager, and optionally remind the driver to get back on schedule.
Tampering Alert on a power loss event (Power Lost or Power Cycle). Power Lost indicates when a device may have been unplugged/unwired (relies on backup battery). Power Cycle indicates when all power is lost and regained. If the device has a backup battery, the alert will trigger only if all power (including backup battery) had been lost prior to regaining power.

Example: 52 JEFF just reported a loss of external power, which indicates the device is now relying on battery power. Alert the fleet manager that a device has been disconnected, and optionally send the driver a message to indicate that the alert has been received or will be acted upon according to company protocol.
Towing Alert when vehicle moves when ignition is off. This alert is highly recommended only for assets or non-ignition based devices.

Example: Company XYZ has several mowers in various locations throughout the city. The Fleet Manager wants to be notified when any of these assets are moving without ignition (i.e., towing stolen, etc.).

*Diagnostic data is an additional paid feature for vehicles equipped with PNP devices. Available diagnostic data varies by vehicle make/model. Data may include engine speed, fuel level, fuel level remaining, fuel rate, odometer, seatbelt, and more.

**If you plan to notify drivers when alerts are triggered (e.g., whenever a speeding violation occurs), consider asking drivers to assign messages from 477-477 (GPSGPS) to a unique ring/SMS tone. When drivers hear this tone, they can know immediately that they’ve triggered a violation without having to look at their mobile devices.

While Alerts are highly accurate, they are optimized for real-time situations as subscribed. Due to occasional cellular network or processing delays, very occasionally alerts will miss an event and should not be considered a reliable substitute for regularly scheduled reports on the same situation of interest. For this reason, we suggest customers also utilize scheduled reports whenever a potentially missed alert would cause difficulty for any reason.