Using Trip History and Location Playback

Use Trip History and Location Playback functions in the map to monitor your fleet’s vehicle activity throughout their workday. These features help determine job verification, efficient routing, and vehicle incidents.

Using Trip History

Trip History allows you to view your fleet’s daily travel history on the map. You can view trip history for multiple vehicles at the same time.

To use Trip History:

  1. From the map, click the History tab in the data source selector.
  2. Click on the vehicle(s) you would like to view.
    The playback bar will appear at the bottom of the map with the selected vehicle(s) daily trip history.
  3. Click the calendar button () to choose a specific date to view trip history.
  4. If you would like to change the playback speed, click the settings button () in the right corner of the playback bar.
    You can adjust the speed at: Normal, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x.
  5. Once selected, click the Play button () to playback the vehicle(s) trip history.

Using Inputs on Trip History

Capturing inputs in trip history will help you understand what actually occurred during a vehicle’s trip, which can help with safety initiatives.

To see input details on your trip history:

  1. Navigate to your map and click History.
  2. Select a vehicle to add to your map and time scrubber.
  3. Click Map Options in the right corner of your map view.
  4. Check the Inputs box.
  5. You can expand your inputs and filter out inputs you don’t want to see.

  6. When you are looking at a historic trip for a vehicle, you will see an orange line on your map and in your scrubber to show an input was engaged.

Using Location Playback

Location Playback allows you to view certain areas on the map your fleet’s vehicles were in throughout the day.

To use Location Playback:

  1. On the map, zoom into the location of interest
    Simply double-click the area of the map you would like to view location playback.
  2. Be sure to zoom into the area of interest. If the area is too large the history feature will not work.

  3. Click the History tab in the data source selector.
  4. Click the Location Playback button ().
    The Time Range window will appear
  5. Select the date and time (3-hour window) you would like to view, then click View History.
  6. In the playback bar, click the Replay Speed button to change the playback speed.
    You can adjust the speed at: Normal, 192X and 384X
  7. Once selected, click the Play button () to view location playback.