Using Map Lists

Filter drivers, vehicles, and landmarks in your fleet.

Using the Driver List and Driver Groups

The Driver List displays all drivers and driver groups created in your fleet. Select a driver name to display their Driver Card details, including name, reference ID, contact information, and camera events (if applicable). You can also edit driver details and send a dispatch from the Driver Card.

Driver groups are used to organize the drivers based on logical separations that make sense to your business. Select a driver group to view the drivers listed within the group.

Driver Groups are created in the Portal.

Using the Vehicle List

The Vehicle List displays vehicles as selected by the DataSource Selector. Selected vehicles are displayed under Vehicle ID. The current status and time the vehicle has been in the status or speed (if moving) of each vehicle displays under the Vehicle ID. Use the filter button () to sort the list by Device, Status, Icon, Landmark, and Fuel Type. Click on the Vehicle ID to see the selected vehicle’s Vehicle Card. You can also sort vehicles by groups and hierarchies.

Vehicle Groups and Hierarchies are created in the Portal.

How to filter vehicles:

  1. From the Vehicles list, click on the filter button ().
    The filter window will appear.
  2. Click the appropriate dropdown menu to sort your vehicles (Device, Status, Icon, Landmark, and/or Fuel Type.)
  3. Once selected, click Apply.
  4. The updated vehicles list will appear with your changes.
  5. To clear all filters, click Cancel.

Using the Landmark List

The Landmark List displays all created landmarks by landmark group/user creator. You can click on a landmark or landmark group to view and interact with individual landmarks.

How to use the Landmark List:

  1. From the Landmarks list, click the landmark or landmark group you would like to view.
  2. For Landmark Groups, click the group you would like to choose from, then click the appropriate landmark.
  3. The Landmark Card displays. From the Landmark Card, you may view or copy the landmark’s coordinates, view the landmark in Google Maps in a separate browser tab, edit the landmark, or send a dispatch to the landmark.

  4. To exit the landmark, click the X on the right-side of the landmark name.

Viewing Landmark Names

You can view the names of Landmarks on the Map.

How to view Landmark Names:

  1. Click on the Landmarks button () in the top menu to activate the landmarks.
  2. Hover over the landmark to view their assigned names.