Using the iOS Manager Menu

From the GPS Insight Manager (iOS app), tap the Menu icon to expand/collapse the menu:

The following features are available:

Feature Description
Show Traffic Identify the speed of traffic on the road compared to free-flowing conditions. For highways, green indicates a normal speed of traffic. Traffic condition color codes range from green (normal speed of traffic) to dark red (slowest speed of traffic).

Trail All Vehicles Display history trails on the map for all vehicles for the past hour.

Filter Starred Vehicles View only starred vehicles on the map.
Map Follow Setting Set the preferred follow view.


Center the screen on a selected vehicle by tapping the vehicle. If you move the map manually, the screen automatically re-centers on the selected vehicle in approximately 30 seconds.


Zoom/Pan to center over all starred vehicles within the view bounds. If you manually move the map, the screen automatically re-centers in approximately 30 seconds.


Disable selected follow settings.

A follow indicator displays in the upper right corner when active. Tapping the indicator will disable a follow setting.

Map Type Set the preferred map view.



Pin Label Set the preferred label display for vehicle pins.

Vehicle: (Pins display Vehicle ID)

Driver: (Pins display associated driver name)

If a vehicle does not have an associated driver name assigned in the portal, the pin display defaults to Vehicle ID.

Focus All Center the map to display all vehicles.

Reload Data Force a data refresh to reflect any account-level changes, such as hierarchy structure, landmark parameters, vehicle groups, etc.

Vehicle location/status data is updated continuously.

Feedback Enter comments, questions, or concerns to send to GPS Insight.