Using the iOS Manager Landmarks

The Landmarks feature allows you to search for landmarks and/or select one or more landmarks to view or center on the Manager Map.

The landmarks listed on this screen reflect your current Portal account settings (Pro/Enterprise) Portal account settings (Standard). You cannot make changes to the landmarks displayed from within the app.

Selecting Landmarks

Selecting a landmark group allows you to see your selections on the Manager Map.

To select a landmark group:

  1. Tap on the empty location symbol () next to the name of a landmark group.

The location symbol becomes solid.

  1. To clear the landmark group selection, tap the location symbol again.

The location symbol becomes empty.

The total of selected landmarks is displayed on the screen.

Searching for Landmarks

Searching for a landmark and/or landmark group allows you to view and select a landmark by entering a landmark name or keywords.

To search for a landmark or landmark group:

  1. Tap on the Search bar.
  2. Enter a landmark name or keywords.
  3. A list of landmarks that fit your search entry are shown on the screen.

  4. Tap the landmark or landmark group you want to view and/or select.

  5. The screen centers over the selected landmark on the Map.

Clearing Selected Landmarks

Clearing all landmark selections removes your previous landmark selection from the Manager Map screen display.

To clear all selected landmarks:

  1. Tap Clear Selection.

The landmark selection clears.

Using the Landmark Card

You may view landmark details such as address, street view (Preview and Full available), a list of assets closest to the selected landmark, and view vehicle proximity to a landmark on the Manager Map.

To view landmark details:

  1. From Landmarks, tap on the landmark you would like to view.
  2. To see a landmark from the map, you must have the landmark selected in the Landmark feature of the app. See Selecting Landmarks (above) for step-by-step instructions on selecting a landmark group.

    The name of the landmark appears toward the bottom of the screen.

  3. Swipe up on the landmark name.
  4. The landmark card appears.

    You may need to swipe up more than once to view the complete landmark card.

Viewing Vehicle Proximity to a Landmark

Viewing a selected vehicle on the Manager Map allows you to see a visual display of the location of a vehicle in relation to a landmark.

To view a vehicle’s proximity to a landmark on the map:

  1. Tap on the landmark you want to view on the map.

The app displays the landmark with details such as address, street view, and a list of vehicles closest to the selected landmark.

  1. Tap on the vehicle you want to view from the Closest Assets to Landmark list.

  2. The screen centers over the selected asset on the Map.

  3. Zoom out to see the location of the selected vehicle/asset’s pin in relation to the landmark.