About GPS Insight Manager (Android App)

The GPS Insight Manager (Android app) allows you to interact with your fleet from your mobile Android device.

Primary features include:

1) Menu – Set app and mapping preferences.

2) Search Bar (Map) – Search for vehicle by Vehicle ID or name, or landmark.

The Search Bar is case-sensitive.

3) Map – View vehicle details and trails on a map background.

4) Messaging – Message a driver/vehicle.

5) Vehicles – View vehicle details in list format. A Safety Scorecard is included in the Vehicle Card for eligible devices.

6) Landmarks – View landmarks and closest vehicles.

Logging Into the App

The data in your GPS Insight Manager app is only accessible to users with a valid login (username and password combination). Your user profile determines your basic contact information, the vehicles and groups you see. You can use the same user credentials that you use to log into the web version of the GPS portal. Additionally, Fleet Managers or Administrators can require app users to reset their password upon login from the Portal.

To Reset Your Password or Obtain Your Username:

  1. If you do not know your username and/or password, contact your GPS administrator, or request a password reset from the login page by tapping Forgot Your Password?.

  2. Enter in your username or email address and tap Send Code.
  3. A verification code is sent to your email address or the email address connected to your username. This email also contains your username.

  4. Once you have received the code, enter the verification code and tap Verify.

    If you did not receive a code, tap Send Again or Return to Login to begin the password reset process again.

  5. Enter your new password in the New Password field and again in the Verify Password field, then tap Update.

    The password policy/parameters specific to your organization is displayed, you will not be able to tap Update until your new password meets the password parameters.

    You are brought back to the login screen, which displays a message that your password reset is complete.

  6. Enter your username and password, and tap Sign In.

You can also request a password reset from the web version of the portal via the login page.

To Require User Password Reset from the Portal (for Managers and/or Administrators):

If you are an Administrator and/or a Manager with Admin permissions, you may use the Manager Users and Groups page in the Portal to require one or more GPS Insight Manager App users to reset their passwords upon login to the GPS Insight Manager App. Additionally, Fleet Managers or Administrators can require app users to reset their password upon login from the Portal.

  1. From the Portal, click Account, and click Manage Users.
  2. Click Open.
  3. The Manager User and Groups page appears.

  4. From the User List, click on the Edit icon () for the applicable user.
  5. The Edit window appears for the user.

  6. Click the checkbox next to Force Password Reset, and click Save Changes.
  7. The Save User Information page appears confirming that you have required a password reset for the user.

  8. Click close.
  9. The username for the user you have required a password reset for is now displayed in red with a lock icon (), indicating that a password reset requirement exists for the user.

    If you would like to delete the required password reset for a user, click on the user’s username from the User List and then click Yes, Delete It on the Delete Password Token window that appears.

    You will receive a message stating: “The reset key has been successfully deleted.” This message automatically collapses within a few seconds.