Sending a Route to a Garmin

Stops in a route can be made up of addresses and/or landmarks. You can send a route to a Garmin device using the Route dashlet on the dashboard.

Company XYZ’s new fleet manager just arrived at Headquarters. He needs to visit each dispatch center in Arizona today (Centers A-C), but he is not familiar with the area and doesn’t know the most efficient order in which to make his stops. He also wants turn-by-turn directions available from his Garmin.

To send a route to a Garmin:

  1. From the dashboard, locate the Dispatch dashlets. Double-click OR drag-and-drop the Route dashlet onto the dashboard.


The dashlet appears on the selected dashboard.

  1. From the Load drop-down, choose the route you want to load, and click Get Route. Alternatively, you can add individual stops. (As you type, matching landmark names appear in the drop-down. You can also type addresses and/or lat/lon combinations into the box on their own lines.)

  1. From the Dispatch drop-down, choose the Garmin-equipped vehicle that you want to receive this route.
  1. Click Send.

Within a few seconds, the selected Garmin-equipped device(s) will receive the stop request and invoke a visual and audible indicator for the driver.

When the driver views the request, the Garmin displays the numbered locations on the route. When the driver taps one of the stops in the route (ideally the first) and chooses to go, the Garmin begins turn-by-turn directions.

The driver *can* choose stops out of order; however, if the driver chooses #3 first and then goes back to #1, he or she would have to manually skip over #3 again later.