Understanding VBUS Connections with ELD Flex

When installing a VBUS device in a vehicle, it is recommended to first mount the hardware, then select the vehicle in the ELD Flex app to perform a manual connection to the new device. This associates the new VBUS device with the selected vehicle, making later connections seamless.

VBUS Connection when Switching Vehicles

The simplest VBUS connection method for a driver is simply switching their vehicle.

To connect when switching a vehicle:

  • Walk up to the vehicle you will be driving for the day.
  • Tap the vehicle number next to your name in the ELD Flex app.
  • Switch it to the updated vehicle.
  • The application will then automatically start a VBUS connection to the device associated with the vehicle, and prompt you to perform a DVIR.

Automatic VBUS Connection

If a driver at any point disconnects from the VBUS device but is not moving to a new vehicle, they should perform an automatic connection to reconnect.

To connect automatically:

  • Tap the connect button in the yellow banner, then Connect.
  • The ELD Flex app will attempt to connect to the VBUS device associated with the vehicle.

Manual VBUS Connection

It is recommended that you only manually connect to a VBUS device if the saved device has an error or when doing an installation. This will override the saved VBUS device for the vehicle.

To connect manually:

  • Tap the Connect button in the yellow banner, then Manual Connection.
  • Select the desired VBUS Device and find your particular device in the list of scanned devices that appear.
  • Tap the device, and the ELD Flex app will attempt to connect.