Understanding Unidentified Driving with ELD Flex

What are Unidentified Driver Events, and how should I handle them?

Unidentified Driver events occur any time the vehicle is moved without a driver signed in, or if a driver is signed in but is not in ON Driver, YM, or PC status. This option allows you to add driving events to your log that were recorded while no driver was signed in to the device.

Unidentified Driving

When a driver logs out of ELD Flex, the app automatically attempts to reconnect to the device as an Unidentified Driver. When this connection is successfully established, we monitor the engine for unidentified driving events and report them as such to the web portal for review and assignment.

Disconnected Driving

The ELD solution is comprised of the Vbus Device, the Phone/Tablet, and the application. Without having the connection between the tablet and the Vbus Device, the ELD is disconnected. This is similar to unplugging a wired solution and means that the application will not be able to monitor unidentified driving events (until such time as it is reconnected).

ELD Flex is fully compliant with the current regulations surrounding unidentified driving, and we are always working to quickly implement and release changes to comply with new guidance from the FMCSA.

Odometer Jumps

Odometer jumps resulting from this ‘disconnected driving’ state are to be reported as a Malfunction (and not reported as Unidentified Driving – that becomes the responsibility of the driver & motor carrier). These Malfunctions are then reported to the driver (and to the FMCSA in the case of a Roadside Inspection or Audit). This new behavior will be implemented in the September release of the application. Drivers are encouraged to annotate these malfunctions with a description of what caused the loss of connectivity.