Understanding Driver ID: Driveri Beacons

This article references documentation that is currently available through the Driveri Cameras menu in the Classic Portal.

Driveri Beacon

The Driveri Beacon is loaded with a Bluetooth 5.0 hardware platform and advertises Eddystone data every few seconds, and comes pre-configured with Eddystone UID broadcasting for driver login features.

This Beacon is to be used solely for accounts that utilize the Driveri in-cab camera as their only reporting device. Users with other hardware such as the PNP, GPSI-5000, ELD-2000D, or AT-3000, should use the Driver ID: Key Fob (and associated kit).

Setup and Usage

For instruction on associating a beacon to a driver, using the beacon for driver assignment, or dissociating a driver from a beacon, see the Driveri Portal’s Configuration Guide > Beacons.

Access the Driveri Portal and select the Help icon, then click on Help.

Select the Configurations option and scroll towards the bottom of the page until you see the section labeled Beacons.