December Update to ELD Solution

We have made changes to our Hours of Service software to ensure continued compliance with the ELD Mandate. This update was released as of the weekend of December 9.

These changes are limited to the admin software/experience, and does not affect the driver tablet in vehicles.


Want to stay in the loop?

Please check out our E-Log Update webinar (see below) to learn about these changes in detail.

E-Log Update Webinar:

What’s changing?

System Updates

  • DOT numbers will be required
  • Admins must give permission to drivers to access the Driver Portal (ELD Mandate requirement)
  • Dual-role driver/admin user Portal access will default to the Driver Portal only. A separate account (with Admin Portal access enabled) must be created to access the Admin Portal

Admin Portal Updates

  • New workflow for log editing
  • Improvements to the user interface
  • New Unidentified Driver Report

Driver Portal Updates

  • Drivers can edit On/Off Duty times as needed
  • Drivers can correct their own conflicts
  • Drivers can download and print their own logs as needed

Driver Set-up Updates

  • Driver’s licenses and issuing state will be required
  • Exceptions (e.g., 100 Air-Mile Radius, 150 Air-Mile Radius) can be automatically applied to short haul drivers
  • Yard moves and personal conveyance capabilities will need to be explicitly added to each driver

Where can I learn more?

Please check out our E-Log Update webinar using the link provided above. In addition, we have provided documentation reflecting the HOS software updates below.