Managing Your Fleet During COVID-19

Like so many companies, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation carefully. We have already taken the appropriate steps as outlined by the CDC to protect and keep our employees and customers safe and healthy.

Our goal is to continue supporting you with the dependable service that you need. Our teams are still available and working, many remotely, just like you.

To help you through this unprecedented challenge, we have outlined impactful ways to use our solutionsolutions to help reduce operating costs and keep your employees safe while you continue to serve your customers. We have also posted a list of resources to help businesses that rely on mobile workforces through this pandemic.

GPS Tracking Portal

1. Reducing Labor Costs

Using the Begin & End of Day Report will allow you to be more efficient with your technician’s schedules by understanding when they are remotely starting their days and confirming that they make it back safely. You’ll be able to see their routes and the amount of time spent on jobs (Stop Detail and Idle Time Report). This report will allow you to verify hours claimed vs. hours worked. Containing these labor costs could have a significant impact on your ability to meet the challenges presented by the coronavirus situation.

2. Reducing Fuel Costs

While the cost of fuel is decreasing, you can leverage the GPS tracking solution to reduce those costs even more. The Idle Time Reports/Alerts provide data that can help your drivers reduce idle time, which will reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Optimizing and monitoring the routes taken by your drivers will also reduce labor costs. Finally, reducing speeding is a key way to use less fuel; speeding alerts/reports will help you reduce fuel expenses even more.

3. Reducing Maintenance Costs

By creating a maintenance schedule with reminders in the Portal, you can ensure that preventative maintenance is never forgotten or overlooked with limited fleet staff in the office. Click here to learn more: About Maintenance Using the DVIR function within the Driver App, you can ensure that drivers share vehicle defects with your maintenance team immediately If you get diagnostics on your vehicles, monitoring Diagnostic Trouble Codes can ensure that vehicles don’t break down on the road and that you can limit downtime by getting them in for timely service. You no longer need to rely on drivers to remember to tell you when their vehicles need service. This can significantly reduce your maintenance costs and keep your vehicles safe to operate. Click here to learn more: About Maintenance.

4. Reducing Side Jobs

The economic anxiety of the coronavirus situation could tempt employees to take side jobs using company assets. You can set your GPS tracking solution to report information that could indicate such side jobs: off-hours usage (Odd-Hours Report/Alert)., location of stops (Unmarked Stops report), input engagement (if applicable), and operating hours.

5. Fuel Card Integration

With limited resources, the COVID-19 situation could lead to employees committing fuel card fraud. Our fuel card integration can detect possible instances of fuel card fraud by tracking vehicle information as well as the amount of fuel purchased. For example, if more gallons are pumped than the vehicle can hold, someone may be using your fuel card to fuel non-company vehicles. Click here to learn more: Fuel Card Integration.

6. Reducing Vehicle/Equipment Overhead

With utilization reports, you can see which vehicles and equipment are not being used. This can help you either balance usage to spread out wear and tear or sell off the assets you are not using. Click here to learn more: How Do I Use my Data for Trend Analysis/.

7. Eliminating Vehicle/Equipment Theft

With fewer people overseeing onsite operations it would be helpful to set up landmark alerts and odd hours alerts to know if your vehicles or equipment leave the jobsite, employee homes, or the yard when they shouldn’t. The alerts can also let you know if vehicles or heavy equipment move during hours they shouldn’t. You can quickly share their location with authorities to recover your high-value assets. Click here to learn more: About Landmarks

For Customers with Driveri Smart Cameras:

1. Reduce your Insurance Premium

We recommend that Driveri customers contact their insurance provider and share that you are using a smart camera solution to improve driver safety. Many insurance providers are offering reductions to insurance premiums for using these types of solutions.

2. Exonerate Drivers from Non-At-Fault Accidents and False Claims

In the event of an accident or a claim against one of your drivers, Driveri can prove that your driver was not at-fault and exonerate them from false claims, potentially saving your organization time and money.

For more information on how to reduce costs and keep your employees safe on the roads, please contact your account manager to help you and your organization during these tough times.

For more information on how to reduce costs and keep your employees safe on the roads, please contact us via Online Chat Support.