Enhanced Hardware Services

As a premium service available to Standard and Enterprise customers only, Enhanced Hardware Services enables a fleet to realize greater long-term savings by reducing the time and money spent through hardware and fleet management.

This article helps to illustrate and define the benefits and features made available through this premium service, so that whether you’ve already purchased, or are considering purchasing this service, you have a greater knowledge of what this program entails.

Streamlined Warranty Replacement

Our customers rarely report failing devices, or overall device issues; however, there will always be instances where electronics or machinery may fail and a replacement is required.

Historically, it has been standard practice that when there are device issues the installation should be revisited to ensure the device is still installed correctly and receiving power. In addition, there could be more in-depth troubleshooting required such as testing for correct voltage on a wire or diagnostic pin or repositioning a device to determine greater GPS or cellular signal. These steps would generally need to be performed before a replacement could be authorized, which can be time-consuming and not very cost-effective if a vehicle must be taken out of service to perform troubleshooting. With Enhanced Hardware Services you can now save that time and money by reducing the physical troubleshooting required to get a replacement.

Although it’s still highly recommended that physical troubleshooting be completed, by purchasing this premium service our team will now assume any troubleshooting required has already been completed, which allows you to contact our team to request help with a problematic device. If we can’t resolve the issue with an immediate over-the-air update then we will ship you a replacement, ensuring a quick and seamless warranty replacement process.

Future Hardware Upgrade/Replacement – 50% Discount

Similar to purchasing an iPhone several years ago, where phone upgrades were required (typically expensive) to enjoy the benefits of what the newest iPhone, the same can be said for new telematics hardware such as GPS devices. We regularly release new, improved hardware with recent releases such as Bluetooth, Wifi, and 4G/LTE. With this premium service, you will now have the option to upgrade your existing hardware at a significant discount.

Additionally, we understand there will always be instances wherein devices simply need to be replaced outside the normal warranty RA process, and this preimum service can help alleviate some of the costs associated with those replacements. Examples of these instances include:

  • Lost or misplaced hardware during deployment/onboarding
  • Lost hardware due to vehicle being sold with unit still installed
  • Damaged hardware due to vehicle/asset accident
  • Stolen and/or damaged hardware from a disgruntled employee

Future Installation Coverage – 50% Discount

Future installation coverage is available to those who opt for our professional installation services. This service feature looks to further reduce a fleet’s financial burden of cycling one, or more, of their vehicles or assets. By guaranteeing a significantly reduced cost on the future uninstall and reinstall of a GPS device, we’re making it simpler and easier for you to plan around your fleet management needs with less concern about installation cost.

Inactive Device Stock

Available to fleets with 100 or more devices, this feature helps to minimize the downtime of a fleet when needing to track your vehicle or asset immediately.

We will provide device stock equal to 1% of your total devices, which you can keep stored for instances when you may need to quickly install a device and can’t afford to wait for a new or replacement device to ship. Some scenarios where this may apply are:

  • Purchased a new vehicle or asset and want to track it ASAP
  • Encountered a device issue on an existing installation and want to swap the troublesome device for a working device ASAP


As a Premium Service, Enhanced Hardware Services is indispensable for those fleets who wish to maximize the services provided through the solution. If you’ve already chosen to purchase this premium service then congratulations! If you’re still curious and would like more information then please don’t hesitate to reach out.