2019 Q3 Feature Release Highlights

Here’s a short recap of everything we’ve added this past quarter. If you want to stay in the know, our feature updates page will always provide you with the latest and greatest information so you can leverage the newest features as they come out!

New Map – Admin – User Preferences Page Available (Pro, Enterprise)

A User Preferences page is now available. This page allows you to set your Dashboard preferences for measurement unit, time zone, default account landing page, and side-bar theme (dark or light). Additionally, you can logout from this page.To view the User Preferences page, simply click User Preferences under ADMIN on the Navigation pane.

See About the Map for additional information.

Driver Centric Reporting (Pro, Enterprise)

There are three new filter options for Driver Centric Reporting!

  • Alert History Report – Filter the Alert History Report by driver/driver group.
  • Odd Hours Report – Filter the Odd Hours Report by driver/driver group.
  • Begin/End of Day Report – Filter the Begin/End of Day Report by driver/driver group data.

For additional information see Available Reports.

What’s New/Portal Wizard (Pro, Enterprise)

We have added a new on-screen wizard to the portal that now alerts you to new features and functionality. Additionally, you can check out all the new released features and release notes by clicking on the What’s New? link in the portal.

General Improvements

We eliminated a bunch of bugs and made a lot of back end improvements to improve functionality, and the overall customer experience.